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Experience drumming as a tool for healing.


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Don't practice practicing - practice playing!


There are many courses on drumming and music out there but most of them focuses on what to play and the theory of how to play. 

While that is good I offer another approach.

What if you already know how to drum... and that all you need to do is to uncover that truth.

What if you knew how to sing. But at the act of singing a "wrong" note makes you stop.

What if you continued singing and slowly uncovered your voice. You start to hear it for what it is, with curiousity you open yourself up more to what is coming out through your vocal chords. You start to feel how it vibrates inside your belly, in your throat, inside your mouth.
You notice how you can change the sounds - not from a place of thinking how it should sound and then singing it - but more changing the sound by simple and subtle movements to make it a bit more loud - or more soft - or more gentle - or more powerful - or less powerful. 
You notice that you are in control of your voice. 
Maybe still you cannot sing your favorite song perfectly, or get high up in the third octave. But you have uncovered the act of singing. You can sing.
This is what I want to share with you.

The knowledge of how you already are a singer
How you already are a drummer! and 
How you can uncover more of the hidden drummer inside

Learn the mindsets that will help you drum without effort!

Music is a force that is alive and vibrant.
She touches us all.
To learn how to play is to start speaking back to the feelings She makes you feel when you hear Her.

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